I’m Accepted!

Well, it’s offical. I’ve been accepted into the 2016 BALC!

It’s set to start on Jan.5, 2016.

I’m tres excited!  Imagine, Build a Line Master Challange….I’m a little nervous, but raring to go. Loving the idea of going to school from my home. Not just my home. But my couch. Not having to get hair and make-up done and clothes picked out for school each day is the BEST. I’m looking forward to getting into the class routine. And also, to meeting everyone in the group. We all have different skills and ideas to add to the class. I love to learn, and can’t wait to absorb all I can!

I feel like I could be happy to start tomorrow, but not so fast. Christmas first. I don’t want to miss that.



3 thoughts on “I’m Accepted!

  1. Hi Chris, I’m so happy you got accepted too. I am so looking forward to class starting. But, like you, Christmas first…I lve presents. I’m like a little kid at times. 🙂

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    1. Presents are the best, with giving slightly better than getting. Finding that perfect present for a loved one is awesome! It’s going to be a great class. So glad your going to be here too.


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