Dec.22nd…and all is well.

The 15-day countdown is now upon on us! The excitement is building everywhere.

Here on the Island, we will be having a merry little Christmas. Because we don’t have a bunch of commitments this year, and stressful deadlines, we are enjoying the small joys and visits of the season.

In regards to my gemstone bangles, I had a painful setback. I tried five methods of finishing them, so they still looked beautiful. But the end wires on the bangles, still poked your skin on the inside or caught your clothes on the outside. And all five methods I tried failed….which led me to try a 6th method. It works great and looks good. I wish I had thought of it first. So, I’ve had to take apart all the bangles I’ve made, about 15 of them, and re-wrap them all. Grrrr!  Such is art. And the lesson I learned is, there is a reason for a prototype. Do not keep creating, until you deal with the challenges of your prototype.

I have been thinking lately about starting a pre-piece for my new line of bracelets. I want to do it all on my own, with no advice. This will make a nice ‘before’ picture. I want to be able to document my journey and growth. And maybe have a good laugh at me too! I have so many supplies, that I’m dying to use! Time to get going!


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