The Trials and Joys of Building a line of Bracelets…..

B’Sue Boutiques

The year 2015 has been a year of change for me. In retrospect, I’ve felt it coming for the past two years, so I wasn’t terribly shocked by it. The twists and turns it’s taken though, have surprised me. Even though I believed I was ready.

It’s has  been as if, ‘ all the stars are aligned.’  And I have met the ‘right’ people. And chosen the right path. I think I may have been carried down this entrepreneurial road, just by the sheer force of my personal momentum. I really had nowhere else to go. Except to quit. And that was never an option. Never.

This journey started back in the early sixties, in California. My Mother laid out this road for me, and sent me on my way.

She enrolled me in art classes. And the chores she gave me around the house were to write a poem, short story or haiku, or to draw something. All of which were preferable to washing dishes and scrubbing floors. Both of which I eventually did my fair share of. How else did one earn their allowance?

I never knew if these artistic chores she gave me were because she saw talent in me, or because she wished she had been brought up like that. She left us last year, and that parting, though devastating,  has inspired me even further by lighting the fire under me, to make something of myself artistically. To make her proud.

So, because I started thinking and living as an artist from such a young age, I now have no fear of trying new mediums, formats and styles. The more I can absorb and learn the better.

As far as inspiration goes, I live on a beautiful Island, off the west coast of Canada. I am surrounded by the wonders,  of towering trees, harbours, whales, beaches and stark nature. The colours I use are heavily reminiscent of what I see around me. Blues and greys,  greens and misty turquoise, the browns of our deep peat forests, and the white foam, from the waves crashing on our rugged shores. These are calming, organic colors for me, and the ones I always choose first.

I have grown to love and appreciate different color schemes, and to experiment, and combine colours in new ways. This love of colour and nature, and many years of beach combing, has led me to a deep love of rocks, stones, and semi-precious stones and gems. Armed with my trusty rock tumbler at age 10, I grew up loving rocks, and collecting them where ever  I went. I once had to buy a whole new suitcase, just to bring home the rocks from one trip!  Embarrassing…



That love of rocks  eventually introduced me to jewelry making back in 1991. It was a natural fit for me. These days, some parents give their children their phones to keep them occupied. For me, my Mom gave me her jewelry box to play with.

And so the stars seemed to align, even then.

I have experimented with many types of jewelry making and styles, and sold my pieces all over the world. I recently learned all about Etsy. I have wanted to start selling my work online now, instead of in boutiques, so I thought I would set up a home based store to begin my social media based business. I’ve kept it simple and started selling earrings on Etsy. Specializing in semi-precious stones and mixed metals.

On the subject of networking, and meeting the right people, I was fortunate enough to meet Brenda Sue Landsdowne, who owns a very successful online metal stampings and jewelry supply business. It is all that, and so much more! She has all the supplies one would need to start a new line of jewelry. And since the stars are now aligned, and I’m ready to branch out and do just that, I’m taking up her offer to join a group of 36+ students that she’s mentoring for 3 months. The course will start in Jan. 2016. I’m so thankful for the opportunity!

I very much need to learn how to streamline my operations, save money by working more efficiently, and learning how to order only what I need. Then there’s marketing.I’m such a babe in that department! I really need help. And of course, there’s also learning about using equipment, patinas and paint. I think I have the artistic part nailed down, which means I’ll probably ending up learning some amazing things! And, end up being very inspired as well!  We will be having daily online conversations, watch teaching videos, and read articles. They’ll be about 35 of us total. That’s a huge group of awesome ideas we’ll be able to bounce off each other and share! I expect, fully expect, the new line I’m launching to be very successful!

I have chosen to open a new store. This time on Amazon. They sent me an invite, and I’m ready to go. Again, I’d like to have this as a home base for my bracelet. My plan is to one day consolidate both stores, and add my special brand of necklaces to the mix. For now, I want to nail down these bracelets. I will be carrying four styles of bracelets to start.

The first type of bracelet, are Gemstone Tapestry Bangles. These are close to being ready to sell. They feature semi-precious stones and Swarovski Crystals. You can wear them singly, or add them to your own stack of bangles to enhance the outfit your wearing. Or, you can start a collection of them, and pick all our own colors.

The second style is Tapestry Charms. These are made with adjustable metal bracelets, in silver, or gold, with charms from B’Sue Boutiques. Plus lots of semi-precious stones from my stash.

The third kind will be called Vintage Tapestry. These will be made using various metal stampings in 6 finishes, inspired by vintage styles. I will learn all about making this style of bracelet, during the 3-month course. To these, I will add some colourful semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Here is a picture of a test one I made before the class started.


I am beyond excited, and eager to learn learn learn!

I will start posting pictures on here of my Tapestry Bangles first, and then slowly start to add the Tapestry Charms bracelets, then finally I will add my Build A Line Challange of Bangles, the Vintage Tapestry. The other  students and I will be having three Blog Hops, where we will link our 36+ blogs together and visit each other. We will also be posting collages of our work. I chose to go with Pic Monkey as my editor and have already tried my hand at collage making. What a blast!

I’m facing head-on, a wonderful learning opportunity once again. How joyful it is, to have new challenges in my life, and lots of inspiration!   I’m so very thankful.

6 thoughts on “The Trials and Joys of Building a line of Bracelets…..

  1. What a beautiful, beautiful blog! You header photo is gorgeous and you are an amazing writer. I read every post. I am so happy to be sharing in this journey with you. I cannot wait to get started and see what you do! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris,Your blog is as lovely as your story. I know the area where you live and your color description was incredibly accurate. My son lives in Anacortes, WA and we have visited your island several times. I have enjoyed reading your comments during our classes and will enjoy reading more from you.

    Liked by 1 person

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